Speed Paintings Circa Early 2013: Part One

Today you get the pleasure of seeing 5 digital speed paintings I made in early 2013 (and an animated GIF of one of the speed paintings, showing the different layers!). I had just gotten a drawing tablet so it was a big learning experience. I’m still not completely comfortable digitally painting but I’m much better now than I was then (of course). All of the digital speed paintings were made in Adobe Photoshop CS5.

Keep your eyes peeled for part two, featuring 5 more digital speed paintings from early 2013! This also marks the first time I split up a blog post into 2 parts! Everybody celebrate! Also on the topic of digital painting, I will have my long awaited review of the Monoprice Tablet ready in the very near future (meaning that I actually started writing it and I just need to revise it).

Desert Oasis Speed Painting

Grassy Hills Speed Painting


Animated GIF showing the different layers of this speed painting

Marsh Speed Painting

Space Speed Painting

And my favorite of the batch (perfect for Halloween because it’s spooky):

Spooky Forest Speed PaintingAs always, I love to hear your questions or comments (if you’re not too busy preparing your Halloween costume).

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