Five Headed Monster Concept Art


Behold My Five Headed Monster Concept Art

In the summer of 2013 I took it upon myself to learn how to 3d model in Autodesk Maya. Years ago I became pretty proficient at 3d modeling in Autodesk Viz (Viz is essentially 3ds Max but stripped down a little bit). I try to learn new skills to open doors to new possibilities and because it is fun to better yourself.

I initially modeled the five headed monster in Maya using very crude shapes. I didn’t want it to be too time consuming and it’s not necessary to make a super detailed model for a reference photo. I set up lighting in Maya and I rendered the scene. I used those images as reference for a relatively quick digital drawing/painting. I mainly wanted the reference images to see the cast shadow shapes, and to accurately space the heads, arms, and legs.

In the corner of the drawing/painting there’s an alternate version of the heads.

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