Below are movie poster designs for a fictional film called Angel of Death. A summary of the synopsis:

Kailey has lived with her aunt and uncle since childhood, when her father died prematurely and her mother mysteriously disappeared. She overcame loss and earned good grades in school and now, graduating from high school, she looks forward to a bright future— college, career, stability, and the sense of family she never had. 

After her graduation ceremony she is approached by a mysterious woman claiming to be her long lost mother Angelica (code name: Angel). Now that Kailey is a woman, Angelica wants to induct her into her secret society of Assassins. Angelica seeks to join forces with her daughter to assassinate the man responsible for the death of Kailey's father: Evil crime boss Gabriel McKellen.

Kailey stands at a crossroad: should she continue with her plans, go to college and follow her dream of becoming a great scholar? Or should she join the "family business," train with the mother she never knew and avenge her father's untimely death?

I was provided with photos of the actors in RAW format and the rest was up to me. I had to edit and manipulate the photos, including color correction, exposure adjustments, isolating the actors from the backgrounds, photo retouching blemishes and unwanted stray hairs etc, enhanced anatomy, face swapping and more. I thought up several tag lines and investigated a variety of typography treatments. Using a combination of the provided photos, my own photography and illustrations, and stock photography I explored several different approaches for the movie across a range of film genres.












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