Winter Forest Speed Painting

Another Winter Speed Painting!

Here’s yet another winter speed painting! Digitally painted in Adobe Photoshop CS5. I had the idea for this speed painting after wearing some of those sepia tinted glasses the eye doctor gives you after they dilate your eyes, and looking at the woods behind my house (in the winter). The basic concept is an overall brown tint but with cool blue snow. I think I’ll eventually do an oil painting of this scene and concept.

Winter Forest Speed Painting

Winter Speed Painting Animated GIF

Winter Speed Painting Animated

Here’s an animated GIF of a winter speed painting I did a while ago, and several different variations of the same image. I digitally painted this as a color study for a miniature oil painting. When I get a chance to scan the oil painting, I’ll post it online. If you don’t see this image changing, give it a moment, your internet may be slow (or something went terribly wrong on my end).

Winter Speed Painting Animated GIF

Red Landscape Speed Painting

Red Landscape Speed Painting

Here is a speed painting I completed several weeks ago. It is a red landscape (from my imagination!) digitally painted using Adobe Photoshop CS5. There’s not much else to say about it. Now that I think about it, this image may be more orange than red. Let’s just say it’s a Cadmium Red Light landscape.

Mountains and Lake Speed Painting

Mountain Range Speed PaintingBody of Water, Big Hills

Here’s another speed painting I did a couple of weeks ago. As you can see, it is a mountain range and a body of water of some sort. That’s why I’m referring to it as Mountains and Lake. This is actually the third digital speed painting I did. The first two are not to be seen by human eyes. This was digitally painted in Adobe Photoshop CS5 using my Monoprice drawing tablet (the unboxing of that drawing tablet can be seen here).

In other news, it’s currently snowing in Michigan…in April. You never quite know what to expect from the weather here.


Antarctic Speed Painting

The antarctic speed painting was painted in Adobe Photoshop CS5Here is another speed painting of mine (an antarctic speed painting!). This was “painted” a couple of weeks ago (sorry it took so long to put it on here). It may have nothing to do with the arctic at all. Some nice chunks of ice and water are present in the image. I’m still learning and I’d be lying if I said that digital painting wasn’t frustrating. It is frustrating, but pushing forward even though something is frustrating is how you get better.

This digital painting was painted in Adobe Photoshop CS5.

Waterfall Speed Painting

I’m still very new at digitally painting, and using a drawing tablet still feels foreign to me. However, I have been practicing. Here’s a recent speed painting of a waterfall. I don’t remember how long it took as I have no sense of time when doing anything art related (besides deadlines). I’m guessing that it was about 10 minutes? I’m looking forward to the great deal of progress ahead of me in the digital realm.

Waterfall Speed Painting

Monoprice Tablet Unboxing

Today we are going to be unboxing the Monoprice Tablet (specifically the 10 x 6.25 Inch Graphic Drawing Tablet)!

I bought the Monoprice 10X6.25 Inches Graphic Drawing Tablet on Amazon. You can purchase it directly from Monoprice’s website but the cost of shipping is what kills the deal (although this tablet is still quite a steal).

This post isn’t my review of the tablet, but the unboxing photos, because some people are into that. Keep an eye out for my review in the near future.


Tablet PackageI ordered my tablet from Amazon and when the package arrived I had no idea what I received. That’s mostly due to the package being enormous.

Tablet Package Size ComparisonHere is a size comparison with an iPod Classic just to show you how oversized this package is.

Inside the Tablet PackageAnd now we take a peek into the package. Initially there was paper in here to somehow protect the box from moving around (or just to take up space). I took that out before snapping a photo.

Monoprice TabletHere’s the front of the box. It’s nothing special but it could be uglier. I wasn’t expecting the elegant design of a Zune box or something from Apple.

Monoprice TabletHere’s the back of the box. It mentions some stupid free tablet software that I will never use.

Monoprice TabletSome words and such on the back of the box.

Monoprice TabletThe contents of the box. The tablet, the pen, the software/manual, extra nibs, a battery and the pen holder.

Monoprice TabletHere’s the tablet in all of it’s glory! No, it doesn’t have a weird white spot on the surface, that’s just the reflection from the flash on the camera.

Monoprice TabletCloseup of the tablet shortcut keys. These are changeable in the software.

Monoprice TabletHere’s the tablet surface overlay. It lifts up so you can put a photo underneath and trace it? Something along those lines.

Monoprice TabletThe bottom of the tablet!

Monoprice TabletThis gizmo holds the pen.

Monoprice TabletThe bottom of the pen holder has a contraption on it for removing nibs.

Monoprice PenThis is the pen. It may not look like much but it works. I’d say that the number one negative thing I see in reviews for this tablet is about the pen. More about that in my review to come.

Monoprice NibCloseup of the nib in the pen.

Monoprice Pen ButtonsThe buttons on the pen. They default as primary and secondary clicks.

Monoprice TabletThe battery, nibs, software, and manual.

Monoprice TabletSize comparison of the tablet with my 2009 15.4″ Unibody MacBook Pro.

Burglary?On the protective bag around the tablet there was a mysterious graphic showing what I interpret as Monoprice despising burglars. Either that or you’re supposed to keep the bag away from infants.



Did you figure out what my favorite package design was from?

What product do you think has the best package design?