"Would You Be My Girl?"

New Art Added to My Portfolio 6-2-14

I have neglected keeping my portfolio updated. Today I added three pieces I created in 2013. There’s more to come.


Milk and CookiesYou have seen “Milk and Cookies” in a previous post. It’s now officially added to my portfolio.


"Would You Be My Girl?"

This is a painting I made for my mother for her birthday last year. She isn’t going to get any more original art until she frames this haha. I was experimenting with Holbein’s acrylic/gouache hybrid line of paint: Acryla Gouache. It’s great paint. The title “Would You Be My Girl?” is something I feel this guy would say and it’s also from The Police song “Be My Girl”.


Flying Whales

This is one of my favorite pieces of art that I have created. It’s one of the biggest and most detailed drawings I have ever attempted. I prefer working small. This piece was in the 28th Annual West Michigan Regional (Art) Competition at LowellArts!.


Of course all of this artwork is for sale except “Would You Be My Girl?” (because I made it for my mother, duh). Contact me if you’d like to purchase art. “Milk and Cookies” and “Flying Whales” are both already framed.

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