About Me

Making magic happen.

My origin story is not an exciting story where I was exposed to gamma radiation and now I become a large green behemoth when angry, or where I was bitten by a radioactive spider and now I can stick to buildings.

I was born and raised in Grand Rapids, MI and I have always been interested in art. I’m a bit of a perfectionist and I strive for excellence. If I’m not doing something art related I like to read graphic novels, play video games, watch movies, listen to music or enjoy a nice rack of ribs. I’m a dog owner and I enjoy the company of my faithful fuzzy friend. I’m easy to get along with and I enjoy making people laugh.

When I’m not making art or learning more about art (which is not often) I am involved in music. I play drums as well as produce music through various digital audio workstations. If you want to know more about my art or my music, I encourage you to contact me.